Keep Your Eyes on the Sky for Falling Mice in Guam

Dead mouse © avlxyz

Typically when one gazes skyward on holiday it is to monitor the weather, or perhaps enjoy some pretty clouds or a spectacular sunset. For a short time in Guam, folks may be looking out for something very unusual — dead mice.

Wildlife authorities are planning to drop 2,000 dead mice over Guam in an attempt to curb the population of an invasive species of snake. The mice will be laced with acetaminophen, which is lethal to the brown tree snake. The U.S. Department of Agriculture will be dropping the rodents from helicopters, each mouse attached to a piece of hardboard and equipped with a streamer to control its descent.

Tourists to Guam needn’t be overly concerned just yet, as the program is currently confined to the Pacific island’s Air Force base. It is hoped that this will be the first step toward eradicating the brown tree snake, estimated to number in the millions, from Guam, and that will in turn lead to the rebound of native bird species that have been decimated by the invasive snakes.

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