Kill Your Television

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Well at least your cable TV anyway. Ditching your cable box completely could save you upwards of $100 every month or $1200 at the end of the year! Depending on whether you’ve got satellite, digital vs. basic cable, etc., your mileage may vary.

Bonus: you’ll be amazed at how much more free time you have without TV as a distraction or a crutch for boredom. To be quite honest, you’ll find how easy it is to live without it.

  • Sign up for the base $5/month Netflix package if you need your Americal Idol or Friends fix. All you need is a $25 DVD player and you’re good to go.
  • Read. Spend all your previous (wasted) TV time on catching up on travel guides books if you’ve got them. Go to the library if you really want to do this on the cheap. Or login to BootsNAll and Lonely Planet’s Thorntree forums. But you knew that already, right?

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