King Richard III’s Remains Unearthed from British Parking Lot

Statue of Richard III © Lawrence Lew

One cannot help but think of a certain Joni Mitchell song upon hearing the news that a former monarch is believed to have been found buried beneath a parking lot. Though not yet official, speculation is high that the human remains discovered in Leicester, England, are those of King Richard III.

The remains were discovered in September and disinterred for testing and investigation. Several circumstantial clues support the hypothesis that they are those of Richard III, such as the type and position of wounds, the location of the body being consistent with historical accounts, and physical characteristics matching descriptions of the King when he was alive.

DNA tests have been conducted, and the genetic material compared against known descendants of Richard III. The Daily Mail claims to quote unnamed sources inside the investigation who have accused their fellow researchers of conspiring to withhold announcing the definitive results in order to heighten the impact of a television program expected to air in January.

Parliament has already decided that should the remains be confirmed as those of Richard III — who was killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field in the War of the Roses — that they will be laid to rest in Leicester Cathedral, partly with the intent that it will boost tourism in the region.

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