Sleeping Under the Stars in Finland’s Glass Igloos

Glass Igloo, Finland

Sleeping on ice beds in igloos in the freezing North is almost passé. The new trend is glass igloos in the heart of Lapland that allow guests to enjoy the beauty of snow storms and the spectacular Northern Lights without having to freeze their butts off.

These glass igloos are available for rent at the Hotel Kakslauttanen in Saariselka Finland, and are part of the Igloo Village, which also contains snow igloos.

The temperature inside the glass igloo is constantly kept at room temperature, and the structure has been made of specially designed thermo glass to prevent frosting, so guests have an unobstructed view of the pristine outdoors.

And what a view it promises to be. There are no electric lights for miles around, and the location is sufficiently north to ensure unrestricted views of the most spectacular show in the universe, the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights. When there is nothing wild going on, you can still lie under the glass, and gaze upon the stars in the clear sky.

Comforts include a toilet (!), a sauna and an ice pool nearby should you get that urge to freeze your butt.

6 Responses

  1. sir jorge

    This is a great thing, glad to see someone’s innovating camping for the nerd in all of us. (You know, the ones afraid of the out doors)

  2. Mike Richard

    “afraid of the outdoors”?

    C’mon, Jorge! How can you be a traveler *and* be afraid of the outdoors? =P

  3. Oceana

    I really want to stay somewhere uniqe so i picked the Glass Igloo Hotels but i really would like to know the price

  4. Shannon

    Please tell me how and i can do this and how much it would be. Im hooked!!!

  5. Nick

    Can you still see northern lights in the summer? What happens to the igloos then

  6. Sham

    How do you book this could some one send link and prices availability


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