London College Believes Insects are the Food of the Future

Sesame honey caterpillar mousse cubes, cricket croquettes and carrot and potato en glaze ©

Four culinary students at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College in London are determined to get Westerners to eat the likes of crickets, grasshoppers and caterpillars.

Insects are said to be low in fat, contain high protein content, are environmentally friendly, and are easy to harvest. The students paired up with another student at Le Cordon Bleu and created trendy meals that don’t obviously look like they contain insects.

We made a grasshopper pâté (grasshopper meat, combined with tofu and sesame); cricket bread (tomato puree, basil, and cricket flour); caterpillar mousse (moth caterpillar meat combined with whipped cream); and deep-fried grasshopper croquettes, among others, student Aran Dasan said.

The final product is placed in the “Ento Box”–a play on the Japanese-style lunch box, the Bento.

More details on the creepy, crawly edibles can be found at

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