29 Picture-Perfect Reasons to Love Toronto [Gallery]

#1: First Touching Down at YYZ

Plane Landing at YYZ Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Canada
© Michael Gil

#2: Princes' Gates

Princes' Gates, Toronto, Canada
© paul bica

#3: Nighttime Visits to the Lake

Celestial Light, Toronto, Canada
© paul bica

#4: New Finds at St. Lawrence Market

Woman with Lobster at St. Lawrence Market, Toronto, Canada
© ilker ender

#5: The Energy of the City after Dark

Yonge-Dundas Square, Toronto, Canada
© Pedro Szekely

#6: The Canadian Sense of Humor

Sign: Post No Bills (Toronto, Canada)
© hobvias sudoneighm (striatic)

#7: Bike Rides Along the Boardwalk

Bike Rides Along the Boardwalk, Toronto, Canada

#8: The Annual Zombie Walk

Zombie Walk, Toronto, Canada

#9: The Beautiful Farmland Just Outside the City

Hay Bales, Alliston, Ontario, Canada (near Toronto)
© Michael Gil

#10: The Rich History

Policeman, corner of King and Yonge streets, Toronto, Canada

#11: Views from the CN Tower

View from CN Tower, Toronto, Canada
© Greg Knapp

#12: Morning at Kew Beach

Morning at Kew Beach, Toronto
© Robert Swier

#13: One-of-a-kind Shops and Galleries

Sign at Salvage Store in Toronto, Canada
© ^ Missi ^

#14: The Kickass Bar Scene

Bartender, Toronto, Canada
© Erwin Kindangen

#15: The Bustle of King Street

Sign: King Street (Toronto, Canada)
© marc falardeau

#16: The Stunning Diversity of People

Vietnamese Woman on Street, Toronto, Canada
© Stefan Powell

#17: The Natural Beauty of Every Public Space

Endless pink trees in downtown Toronto, Canada (infrared)
© paul bica

#18: The Endless Outdoor Adventure Options

Snowboarder, Toronto, Canada
© Alex Indigo

#19: Rocking the Summer Heat Like This Guy

Guy Tanning, Toronto, Canada
© Dylan

#20: Watching Over the City at Night

Watching Over Toronto at Night
© Freaktography

#21: The Beauty of Its Urban Decay

Urban Decay, Toronto, Canada
© Freaktography

#22: The People Watching

Punk Zombie Guy, Toronto, Canada
© John Steven Fernandez

#23: The Obsession with Tim Horton’s Coffee

Chocolate Overdose at Tim Horton's, Toronto
© Michael Gil

#24: Sunrise Over Humber Bay Arch Bridge

Sunrise Over Humber Bay Arch Bridge Toronto, Canada
© paul bica

#25: Walking in High Park

High Park, Toronto, Canada
© paul bica

#26: Morning at the Harbourfront

Morning at the Harbourfront, Toronto, Canada
© paul bica

#27: The Harbor at Bathurst Quay

Harbor at Bathurst Quay, Toronto, Canada
© paul bica

#28: Sunsets from The Distillery District

Sunset from The Distillery District, Toronto, Canada
© paul bica

… and #29: The Countless Photo Opportunities

Drive-by Photography, Toronto, Canada
© Michael Gil

What do you love about Toronto?

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