Australia’s Lynx Lodge Promises Men the Ultimate Testosterone-Fueled Vacation

LYNX Lodge in New South Wales, Australia

Mega-corporation Unilever is evidently tossing a fortune behind the old adage that “sex sells”. Their new men-only LYNX Lodge in New South Wales is being billed as “Australia’s ultimate mancation resort” where men can “get back to your primal roots”. And while hip marketing terms like “staycation” and “mancation” make my teeth itch, I take their point. With a slogan like “Get laid back”, I imagine it’s a bit like living in a 24/7 bachelor party.

The Lodge’s About page invites men to:

Bond with your mates over a range of adrenalin-fueled activities, including wakeboarding, dirt biking and beach volleyball. Then get laid back, as the Lodge staff pamper you with breakfast in bed and on-the-spot massages.

From nightly games of Twister through to mouth-watering barbeque buffets, Lynx Lodge is the dream destination you’ll never want to wake up from.

Lynx Lodge in New South Wales, Australia

The resort’s slick new website is of course replete with high-res photos of the scantily clad staff and plenty of double entendres to boot.

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