Man Auditions for Amazing Race in Desperate Attempt to Find Missing Brother

Hal Forrest with his brother Anthony ©

Desperate times call for desperate measures and an aspiring reality television contestant has an unusual motivation for wanting to appear on The Amazing Race Canada. Anthony Forrest wants to find his younger brother, who has been missing for eight years, so he is auditioning with a fellow police officer for the television series.

At the age of 24 Hal Forrest walked away from his life in Barrie, Ontario. His family has not heard from him since that day in 2005, when Hal left a note about wanting to find himself, and disappeared with only his computer and some clothes, leaving his identification and credit cards behind.

Having exhausted all of the conventional methods at their disposal to try to locate Hal, the family is hoping that the exposure gained from being on television might help in their efforts to find him.

Age-enhanced forensic drawing of Hal Forrest © Barrie Police

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