Marilyn Manson Is Still Alive?

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This is only marginally related to travel. Via Jaunted:

[I]t turns out that scary rockstar Marilyn Manson paints watercolors, enough of them to create an exhibition that opened in a Cologne gallery this week.

Which I couldn’t care less about, but it brings to mind two things …

One: Marilyn Manson is still alive and kickin’? I thought for sure the drug-addled semi-albino goth freak would’ve bought a one-way express ticket on the H train years ago.

And two: Every time I hear the name Marilyn Manson, I’m reminded of this article a few years back from The Onion:

OVERLAND PARK, KS — Stung by flagging album sales and Eminem’s supplanting him as Middle America’s worst nightmare, shock rocker Marilyn Manson has embarked on a door-to-door tour of suburbia in a desperate, last-ditch effort to shock and offend average Americans.

Last Friday at 4 p.m., Mark Wesley, 46, a resident of Overland Park’s exclusive Maple Bluff subdivision, heard the sound of “animal-like shrieking” coming from the vicinity of his front lawn. Upon opening his front door, he was greeted by the sight of a pale and shirtless Manson carving a pentagram into his chest with a razor blade.

“Look at me, suburban dung,” Manson told Wesley. “Does this shock you?”

When Wesley replied no, he said Manson became “petulant.” Recalled Wesley: “He started stamping his feet and shaking his fists, saying, ‘What do you mean no? Aren’t your uptight, puritanical sensibilities offended? Don’t you want to censor me so you don’t have to confront the ugly truth I represent?’ So I say, ‘Well, not particularly.’ Then, after a long pause, he says, ‘Well, screw you, jerk!’ and walks off sulking.”



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  1. hemlock

    Marilyn manson has to bee one of the smartest men alive. Why is it that when people do not understand something that they associate it with being illegal and immoral. So what if he paints alot of water colors it just means he likes art. ,i absoultley hated this article and onion article you posted is any thing but true.thats my personal opinion.

  2. Anonymous

    I understand Manson’s ideals. And I agree with him. It’s a damn good thing to not fit in with the crowd. To be different, to be unique. But the way he was going about it is the wrong way here.


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