MicroTrax: High-tech Asset Protection for Your Mobile Gadgets

Travel long enough and the likelihood that you’ll misplace or lose some of your valuables is almost guaranteed. I like to think that most folks who’ve found someone’s lost valuables are likely to return them if provided a quick and convenient way to do so.

Enter the “Mobile Asset Protection System” from MicroTrax – a two-part theft-deterrent and recovery system that seriously increaess that odds of getting your lost valuables back.

MicroTrax Asset Protection System

The Skinny

In their own words, the MicroTrax Mobile Asset Protection Kit provides:

… the most advanced anti-theft and recovery technology available.

Just apply the MicroDots and labels from the kit to your most valued possessions to safely mark your possessions for quick and easy identification.

  • Cutting-edge asset protection technology
  • Easy to apply MicroDots for immediate identity
  • Cell phone tracking and laptop recovery from anywhere
  • 24-hour protection for cameras, iPods, skis, flash drives, eyeglasses, and other valuables
  • Theft protection around the world
  • Safe, effective asset management in minutes
  • Protection for up to 10 different items
  • Global Lost & Found service with layers of protection
  • Confidential worldwide database and 24-hour customer service
  • More reliable than GPS, more effective than labels alone, applicable to anything

To bottom line the effectiveness of all this technology, MicroTrax claims that over 75% of lost items affixed with their system are found.

In Detail

This all sounds great, but how does it work? Each kit includes eight asset protection stickers to apply to your valuables. Each sticker contains a unique identifying number that you register through the MicroTrax website. The stickers provide the finder of your valuables with a convenient way to indirectly contact the owner. Plus, they even receive a reward for doing so.

Ultraviolet MicroDot Technology

We’ve mentioned simple luggage tagging systems in the past which work well if the finder of your goodies is actually interested in returning them to you. If your items are flat out stolen however, that’s another matter.

MicroTrax recognizes this and takes their system one step further with the addition of MicroDot technology. Travel geeks will appreciate these way cool, James Bond-esque dots which are “like RFID chips but better”. They are “nearly invisible and virtually impossible to remove. MicroDots contain the same identifying information as the labels and remain with your item even if a label is removed. This positively connects lost items with their owners.”

It’s perhaps easiest to show you:

Pricing & Availability

The complete kit is available now directly from the MicroTrax website for just under $40 and includes:

  • 200 MicroDots in Ultraviolet Adhesive
  • 8 Permanent Asset Labels
  • Wallet Card
  • Keychain Card
  • Application Brush
  • Instructions

Plus, the annual registration cost is as low as $39.95 per year.

The Bottom Line

As someone with “a friend” (OK, me) who lost a point-and-shoot camera (and every photo contained therein) on the last day of an amazing trip to Dublin years back, I would’ve easily paid $100 or more to get them all back.

And so, I keep coming back to the price point of the MicroTrax system. For only $40 upfront and an additional $3 or so per month, you have the peace of mind that if some good Samaritan finds your lost wares, you’re much more likely to get them back. In short: Highly recommended.

3 Responses

  1. Sholay

    I am in Poland, India or Portugal and my iPhone got lost.
    And what?
    This superfancy system would only work if the person who found the iPhone wants to return it. In such case any sticker or marker pen would be enough to tag my property.
    If it would be stolen or found by a person who wants to keep it it again is equal to regular sticker or marker pen.
    How this expensive crap is better? Tell me, please.

  2. Brad

    I’ve been looking into buying something like this for a while myself. A few months ago I lost a camera with some cool photos and never got it back. There seem to be a bunch of companies out there that sell stickers to put on your stuff but this is the first one that I have seen that has something beyond that. The microdot thing intrigues me. Seems like they have solved the problem of what happens if someone just peels the sticker off. Yes, I could just put my own contact info on my stuff, but I am not sure that I want some random person who picks up my stuff to know where I live. The idea of having a service facilitate the return makes more sense to me.

  3. Tammy

    That is a pretty cynical view of mankind you are taking…that everyone is out to steal your iPhone. If you found a lost phone, would you steal it? Or if it were easy, would you return it? It seems to me, that the newspaper and Craigslist are full of Found Items that good people are going out of their way to try to return. Personally, I know the extreme measures people will take to help out complete strangers. Once, I drove off from the gas station with my wallet on the hood of my car. It blew off somewhere on the highway and a couple hours later, before I even knew it was gone, I received a call from the local police department telling me that someone had turned in my wallet. When I picked up my wallet from the police station, it was disheveled, but every single card and the cash was there. The policeman told me that the man who turned in my wallet, had to run back and forth across the 70 MPH highway to pick up all the scattered
    pieces of my wallet. I have never forgotten that day and the incredibly kind stranger that put himself in danger to help someone he never met. So I do believe that there are many more good people than bad in the world and that they would return your lost iPhone.


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