Most Popular State Tourism Web Site: Michigan Again!

For the sixth year in a row, Experian Hitwise has ranked as the most visited state tourism site on the web.

Detroit, Michigan © NASA Goddard Photo and Video

Constant updates, Trip Advisor links, and top of the line trip planning, as well as social media, are being credited with the consistent traffic to the popular website. The site received nearly 1 million more hits than the runner up, Florida, with 24,000 average visits per day. The Pure Michigan campaign has performed well for the state and they plan to continue their push. The tourism board in Michigan plans to turn those virtual visits into as many actual tourist visits as they can, increasing revenue for the state.

Read more about the accolade here, and check out the ultra popular site for your self here.

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  1. Claire

    Maybe drug/gun runners just wanna do something fun while they are in town.


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