The Most Ridiculous SkyMall Products Ever

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Airline travel has taken a turn for the worse in recent years; outlandish prices for checked luggage, security searches and scans that violate travelers’ privacy, cramped airline seats, no more complementary peanuts and beverages.

But at least one thing hasn’t changed, you can still count on a copy of SkyMall in your seat pocket. A quick perusal of the legendary magazine’s pages is sure to bring a smile to every traveler’s face.

If you’re not one of the types that is addicted to purchasing items from SkyMall, then you are probably one of the types that gets a kick out of imagining the kind of person who is.

Huffington Post has compiled a hilarious list of the most ridiculous SkyMall products. We can only imagine how difficult it must have been to narrow the list down to just 20 items. Well done HuffPost.

Get the list at the Huffington Post .

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