Museum of Broken Relationships Opens in Croatia

Heart Mosaic
Broken Heart, Near Grant’s Tomb © CarbonNYC

The Museum of Broken Relationships in Croatia promises to offer comfort to those who’ve been dumped.

Visitors can find solace in one of the museum’s many odd exhibits — old love letters, photographs and other lover’s gifts to one another. Each exhibit has been donated by a jilted lover, and comes with a short description attached. The creators of the museum say the inspiration for the museum came from the times they found themselves comforting broken-hearted friends.

The museum houses some bizarre gifts presented by the lovelorn, including an artificial leg gifted by a soldier to his physiotherapist, and even a gallstone (!).

Besides looking at remnants of other people’s shattered lives, a newly and unhappily single person can also donate his or her gifts and love letters or other mementos as exhibits to the museum to help heal their own wounds.

Nice sentiment, but burning all the letters and gifts in a bonfire and dancing around it by moonlight would probably be even more therapeutic.

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