A Modest Proposal: New Zealand Environmentalist Wants Cats Eradicated

Gareth Morgan, an environmentalist from New Zealand, hates cats more than ALF, and that’s saying something.

Here kitty, kitty, kitty… © Etwood

Morgan is spearheading a campaign to remove cats from his country because he claims they are “a friendly neighborhood serial killer of birds.” Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you read that right. Cats kill birds. SHOCKER!

In all seriousness, Morgan is claiming on his website that cats have become so overpopulated in New Zealand that they are to blame for the extinction of nine native species of birds, and seriously endangered another 33. Morgan outlines his ‘modest proposal’ in an e-mail interview with The Atlantic:

1. “All cats to be registered chipped and neutered ”” raising the barriers to cat ownership to those similarly already faced by dog owners. Chipping instead of collars is because cats more easily slip collars. [Ed: Chipping, or micro-chipping, means inserting an implant under the skin for identification]
2. “Citizens to be encouraged to cage-trap cats wandering on their properties and turn them in to the local authority.
3. “Cats surrendered to the local authority Pound, to be euthanized if unregistered, to return to registered owner who is fined.
4. “Councils to offer free disposal of cats. Vets are prohibitively expensive.”

While he has gained some support, his position is wildly controversial to the kiwi pet owners who love their kitties. The fate of cat-dom may be unknown at this moment, but you can read more about Morgan and his proposal here.

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  1. emma@gottakeepmovin

    Wow, never thought I’d see the day! I can see his point but eradicating them has got to be a bit drastic. They’re only doing what is natural to them anyway. Will be interested to see how far this goes but I’m guessing not a lot will happen!


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