One Year in New York [Video]

Filmmaker Andrew Clancy moved to New York City as an outsider. Over the course of his first year, he captured the moments from his daily life and distilled them down to this five minute video. It’s not a slick, over-produced work, but rather a simple, honest, and moving glimpse into the pulse of the city:

As a filmmaker living in New York for the first time, I’d grab my Canon 7D and shoot footage of what was going on around me, to try and take in all that was happening. To try and capture the sense of community I felt in a place so large and diverse.

It seemed like a never ending project and you could stay filming life in New York for a long time. But eventually I put my camera down and started to edit. Here’s the end result, it’s a bit rough and tumble but that’s life in the Big Apple I guess.

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