Show Your Teddy Bear a Good Time in Paris for Only $140

A Bear About Town © Lisa Omarali

From the “Does this even require comment?” file, comes this interesting news story. A retired French man is offering to show your teddy bears and other stuffed loved ones a night on the town in Paris for the low, low price of just $140:

Here’s how it works: you send Lamby, Teddy or your stuffed animal of choice to Denis Gerber and he’ll escort it around the City of Light, snap photos of it at the Place de la Concorde, the Louvre and other landmarks and return it to you with a digital photo album.

For an extra $70 or so, Teddy can take one of four extension tours, exploring chic Paris or the parts of the city featured in The Da Vinci Code.


I have a plea for anyone with the extra cash to throw at something like this: send me. Sure, I’m not as fluffy, but I am a snappy dresser and I pose well to boot. Both of which guarantee great 5″x7″ photos for your mantle. And I promise I’ll appreciate it a lot more than Mr. Snuggle Wuggles.

More info at Furry Toys Tours.

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