Philly Skyscraper to Become Video Gamer’s Dream

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Playing Pong © Marc Biebusch

Old school gamers will finally have a chance to play Pong on the big screen…the really big screen. In a tribute to the role that the classic Atari game played in popularizing video games, the facade of the 29-storey Cira Center will become the screen upon which Pong will be played, with players participating at a distance using large joysticks on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art across the river.

The game will be played on April 14th and 24th, timed to coincide with Philly Tech Week. Organizers expect a turnout of hundreds of spectators and enthusiastic gamers. Players will be chosen mostly by lottery, with a few spots reserved for students enrolled in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics programs.

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  1. Justin Moskowitz

    Holy awesome! Building size pong needs to become a permanent fixture somewhere. That’d definitely get me going to the art museum more often ;) -Justin


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