Playboy Magazine Reports on Iraq Tourism

Baghdad Hotel
Baghdad hotel © James.Gordon6108

Looking for an excuse to pick up the September issue of Playboy (other than the fact that the daughter of rock has-been Gavin Rossdale is on the cover)? You’ll have no trouble justifying buying it “just for the articles,” since the issue will feature Paula Froelich’s report on traveling to Iraq purely as a tourist. From MSNBC:

“I think a lot of people just think of Baghdad as kind of a cesspool, a war zone. They don’t understand why you should go there,” Froelich said.

Though the tour guide might have jumped the gun taking them outside of the capital:

Even Froelich said Kirkut was “pretty dangerous” and that bombs went off less than an hour after her tour group passed through one day.

Sounds like a blast!

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