Real Life “Castaway” May Be Forced to Return to Civilization

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Many of us dream of leaving our troubles behind and retreating to a desert island. Well David Glasheen actually did it. In 1987, following a crash in the stock market, the erstwhile millionaire businessman took up residence on Restoration Island which, besides sounding like it could be the name of some godawful reality television series, is a small island off the tip of Australia’s northernmost point.

He has been content making the island his home for the past few decades, but his presence has not been without controversy and efforts have been made to evict him for several years. Throughout that time Glasheen has continued subsisting on the island, brewing beer in his hut, and becoming used to his own company (internet dating has not panned out for him thus far) but that could be coming to an end. Having exhausted both his financial reserves and legal avenues to challenge his eviction, he may be forced to return to the mainland.

Read more about this in the Sydney Morning Herald.

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