Robot Bartender Might Be the Future of In-Flight Beverage Service

© SkyMax GmbH

Don’t let your imagination get carried away. This robot can’t listen to all of your troubles and dish out advice, and Skytender doesn’t zip about at your beck and call like Rosie from the Jetsons. It can’t even move without human assistance. What it does do is mix hundreds of different drinks at the touch of a button.

If you’ve ever been bored on a flight and watched the beverage service unfold, you will have noticed that flight attendants spend a lot of time locating the right beverage or ingredient, opening and closing cans and bottles, and rearranging the contents of the cart.

Skytender is intended to streamline and improve airline beverage service by automating the preparation of hot and cold drinks. Flight attendants simply choose the desired drink from a touch-screen and the machine prepares the correct formulation, whether it’s wine, soft drinks, cocktails, or coffee.

Check it out on CNET.

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