Sea to Summit: Latest Product Line Protects All Your Travel Gear

We’re longtime fans of Sea to Summit travel and outdoor gear. For years, they’ve striven to “create truly ingenious, well-made but affordable outdoor equipment”. And that they do – I’ve personally championed their storage sacks as absolutely essential when I travel. You might say “we celebrate their entire catalog”.

This year, they introduced several all new products and offered up a handful of gear for the vagabonds to review, including the TPU Guide Waterproof Case for Smartphones, TPU Guide Waterproof Pouch for iPad®, and Ultra-Sil Padded Soft Cell.

Here’s what we found …

Sea to Summit TPU Guide Waterproof Case for Smartphones

Sea to Summit TPU Guide Waterproof Case for Smartphones

This near universal case aims to fit just about any smartphone and features:

  • Waterproof at 10 meters for 1 hour
  • Very low profile soft case ”” minimal bulk added to your phone
  • RF Welded seams for strength and waterproof construction
  • 0.15mm optic grade TPU screen and camera port
  • High strength TPU construction is abrasion and UV resistant, will not crack in cold
  • Two die cut anchor points

On my latest trip through St. Lucia, my iPhone enjoyed the sandy beaches of the Caribbean almost as much as I did. And with nary a drop of water or speck of sand thanks to this handy case. While I wasn’t brave enough to test its watertight-edness with said phone inside, I gave just the case a brief bath in the hotel sink and the interior remained completely dry.

The tie-down anchor points are also a nice feature for strapping the case to your backpack while traveling or tethering it to your bathing suit at the beach.

Pricing & Availability

Available now in black, yellow, blue, and green from various online retailers.

Sea to Summit TPU Guide Waterproof Pouch for iPad®


The TPU Guide Waterproof Pouch for iPad® is like the oversized cousin to the above TPU Pouch for Mobile Phones. Kayakers and watersports enthusiasts will recognize the double roll Velcro enclosure that creates a more reliable watertight seal than standard “zip-loc” enclosures (up to 1 meter for 30 minutes). Other features include:

  • RF-welded seams for strength and waterproofness
  • Die-cut attachment points at each corner allow the user to secure the pouch
  • Closure is sufficiently waterproof to permit brief submersion without water entry
  • Die-cut nylon base includes a TPU window to permit rear-facing cameras to work

Bonus: the window on the unit allows the user to operate the tablet’s touchscreen even when it’s sealed in the pouch.

Pricing & Availability

Available now from various online retailers for around $40 USD.

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Padded Soft Cell Case

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Padded Soft Cell Case

This small, soft-sided case is ideal for protecting your GPS, cameras, lights, mobile electronics, and just about any other smallish bit of travel gear. It’s constructed of durable, lightweight EVA foam which offers low-temperature toughness, anti-crack properties, and water resistance.

Large grab handles on the back and sides of the unit are perfect for carrying or tethering down to your pack, etc. And the U-shaped zipper creates a flip lid that stays open while you’re digging around the interior.

During both of our latest roadtrips, the case was ideal for safely transporting our GPS and its respective charging cable and adapter.

Pricing & Availability

Available now from various online retailers for around $30 USD.

Disclosure: received one complimentary sample of each of the above products in advance of this review. Read our view on sponsored content.

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