Seido’s 3800 mAH Extended Battery: Never Stop Surfing

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In the land of long flights with no power outlets, the vagabond with the biggest battery is king. I rarely use my smartphone for more than occasional browsing and navigation. But on long flights it’s much more convenient for watching movies than a giant, clunky laptop.

The only issue arrises on long flights – after nine hours of media playing most smartphones are close to dead. And no one wants to be phoneless when they land.

Enter Seido, kings of the extended battery. I had the opportunity to test their 3800 mAH Innocell battery for my Samsung Galaxy S3. And I walked away extremely impressed.

In Detail

First, the downsides. This extended battery will make your lithe little smartphone into kiiiiind of a fatty. It adds a bulge to the back, and renders any cases you currently have rather useless. Because of this, I wouldn’t recommend this battery as a daily carry item. You’ll be better served by saving it for situations where you know you’ll need the added juice.

Now the positive bits. With this battery, I regularly see 2+ days of normal use without needing a recharge. That includes navigating my way home three or four times, a couple of hour-long runs with Pandora streaming and a solid hour or two of browsing per day. In airplane mode, you can expect to get through a nine hour flight with more than half of your battery left upon landing. I’ve used this battery on two eight hour road trips while my phone acted as a WiFi hotspot. In both cases, I arrived at my destination with enough charge remaining to make it through a night on the town.


You can buy Seido’s badass new battery for $69.95 right now.

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The Bottom Line

If you’re the kind of person who worries over their battery on a regular basis, I can’t recommend this buy enough. More mAH translates directly to more peace of mind.

Disclosure: Vagabondish received one complimentary Seido Innocell Battery ahead of this review. Read our view on sponsored content.

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