Southwest Passenger Asked to Cover Up Cleavage Before Boarding Flight

Is this a plane cabin or a night club? ©jenny-bee

Before boarding a recent Southwest flight, a woman was approached by the airline asking her to cover up the dress she was wearing, because it was deemed too inappropriate. The large-chested woman was told to cover her cleavage before boarding the flight.

After the incident, the woman took to the blog Jezebel to share her story.

She eventually boarded the plane without covering up. ‘And lo and behold, the plane didn’t fall out of the sky … my cleavage did not interfere with the plane’s ability to function properly.’

Southwest reached out to her with an apology and a refund. But they aren’t the first airline to stop a passenger due to an unpublicized dress code. More on this and other airline dress code mishaps can be seen at Huffington Post.

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