Strange Maps: Blonde Map of Europe

This is the kind of map a guy would draw up if he had way too much time on his hands.

Blonde Map of Europe
Blonde Map of Europe / © Eupedia

The Blonde Map of Europe charts out the regions on the Continent according to the frequency of fair hair in the population. Norway, Sweden and Finland — no surprises there, really – have the highest percentages of light haired people at nearly 80 percent.

The map obviously hasn’t factored in recent immigration from Africa, and the movement of Europeans themselves across the continent.

And what of the type of blonde that comes out of a bottle? Is this natural blondes or simply all blondes? So many unanswered scientific questions …

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  1. ioni

    Although I do know and accept the fact that there are way more blonds in Norway and Finland – I feel tha Belarus is being deprevated – there are much blonds here!

  2. Spain

    The Basque country and Asturias also have a lot of people with light hair.

  3. Chris

    They have a few, but you have ancestors from the northern africa.

    It is sad that the blondes are on verge to disapear. I want to see black, brown, Yellow, Red and White people as well as the redheads and blondes. It is sad that we are so free nowadays that we all end up in a mixed race. The positive sides are that there will be less war, but it will be very hard for my children to find a cute blonde. Half of the population is dark in my town. That does not bother me because they are no diffrent than us, but when we mix, we loose our white, blond heritage

  4. Tonio

    I fully agree with that! I am a school bus driver and I can assure you that MANY of the Spanish kids are blond and light brown/dark blond. People is deeply confused about what they see in the movies (the dark haired dancer, it’s a TOPIC!!) but the real thing is that the EUROPEAN Spaniards are much more lighter. For example…me. When I was a child I was completely blond, but now I am light brown. Another fact is that many people thinks that because Mexicans and people from Central America / south america are dark (colonized by Spaniards 500 years ago), then Spaniards are dark aswell. People should visit Spain, take a look at the Spanish kids, and they will see than many of them are blond and also blue eyed.

  5. matt

    Actually most of them are, but there are some expections, after all the crusader states was founded in the area surounding modern day lebanon.


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