The Museum of Celebrity Leftovers

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leftovers ©jenny downing

On the coastal city of Kingsand, England there is a seafront cafe that has garnered a reputation for more than its locally sourced seafood and vegetarian fare.

The Old Boatstore, a cafe owned by Michael and Francesca Bennett has been visited by a few celebrities, including Libertines co-frontman Pete Doherty and royal couple, Prince Charles and Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. But unlike some businesses that might post a photo, or an autographed menu–the Bennetts have kept and displayed the leftovers of their famous diners.

Sealed under glass domes on a shelf in the cafe is a mini “Museum of Celebrity Leftovers.” Included in the collection is actress Mia Wasikowska’s wedge of zucchini, retired BBC weatherman Craig Rich’s pasty crust, Pete Doherty’s tomato and pesto panini crust, and of course prince Charles’ bread pudding crust.

But if you are interested in visiting the little museum, you should probably go sooner, rather than later. No preservatives have been added to the food leftovers, but owners Michael Bennett assured the BBC that none of the exhibits seem to be getting moldy, just dried and shriveled.

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