The Secret Behind Singapore’s Latest Craze: Pop-up Restaurants

Singapore is a hotbed for foodies and word is getting around about its latest culinary craze. Pop-up restaurants are, well, popping up all over the place.

Supper No. 6 © Lolla’s Secret Suppers

You have to play your cards right to gain access to one of these exclusive underground dinners. Most happen only once in a blue moon, the schedule entirely the prerogative of the chef and host. You have to be plugged into the scene to find out about them, and that’s where social media plays a big role.

Take Lolla’s Secret Suppers, which is organized via a Facebook group. When a dinner is announced, members of the group can reserve a spot — you need to act quickly since the group has over 2,000 members — and participants receive an email a day or two prior to the event with the details of the dinner’s venue.

© Khana Commune

Each pop-up restaurant has its own flavour, and Khana Commune has a homier vibe that has you enjoying home-cooked meals prepared by a freelance journalist and her mother right in their home.

The Secret Cooks Club adds an interactive twist to the proceedings by having guests participate in the preparation of the meal, which often has an inventive theme.

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