Sexy Books to Read on the Road: The Dawn of the Deed

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Everyone I know brings at least one good book along while traveling, but everyone seems to have a different strategy when choosing their lettered companion. It should be long or it shouldn’t be that long … No, it should be something you’ve never read before or it should be something you’ve read a thousand times.

So what’s an avid reader to do?!

I usually choose something that has been reviewed to hold the attention of the reader, so this new book by John A. Long caught my eye. From head-standing mating sharks to necrophiliac snakes, the book covers everything you never knew you wanted to know about “The Prehistoric Origins of Sex.”

By Claudio Matsuoka
Intimate Butterfly Moment © Claudio Matsuoka

Read more in this interview with Long by Tracy Clark-Flory and learn more about the book on Amazon.

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