Gear Review: Satechi BT Lite Bluetooth Headphones

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Satechi’s products are always a mixed bag. On one hand, they have a habit of producing bafflingly useful products for all manner of niche uses. On the other hand, those products don’t tend to be able to absorb much punishment. It’s a trade-off, but often a worthwhile one.

Today, I’m reviewing Satechi’s BT Lite Bluetooth Headset.

What I Like

The good stuff first: I really like these headphones. They look great, they reach an impressive volume for something so small and they have wonderful sound quality for a Bluetooth headset. I’ve tried a few in my time and almost all of them skip, at least occasionally, when I’m out running. The BT Lite didn’t have any of that which, for $44.99, is very impressive.

The six hour battery life isn’t incredible, but certainly enough for your workout or a long walk through some strange new city.

What I Don’t

Here’s the downside: these things are fragile. Minutes after opening them I ended up snapping one of the earpieces out of its seat in the arch. I wasn’t doing a stress test either, it cracked with barely any force applied. The damage was fixed with a dab of super glue to no loss in function, but still. Handle these things with kid’s gloves if you buy them.

The Bottom Line

I can cautiously recommend a buy for the BT Lites. They’re comfortable, sound fine, and you can wear them around your neck all day without discomfort. But they aren’t very tough and the battery life isn’t anything to write home about.

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