Travel Guru Rick Steves: Smoking Pot Is “My Civil Liberty”

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You go, boy.

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Mike Richard
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Mike Richard has traveled the world extensively since 2008. He's camped in the Jordanian desert with Bedouins, tracked African wild dogs in South Africa, and survived a near-miss great white shark attack in Mexico. He loves the great outdoors, good bourbon, and he (usually) calls Massachusetts home. He also enjoys speaking in the third person.

3 Responses

  1. Ed Zelinsky

    Rick Steeves,
    I’ve always liked him and enjoy his great PBS offerings and now I really respect him for his leadership on this issue!

    Ed Zelinsky

    Go vagabondish! Great site!

  2. Adam Costa


    Thanks for sharing. This brightened my day considerably.

    Plus, you’ve given me a great ice-breaker should I ever meet Rick Steves…

  3. Ed Zelinsky

    Not to belabor this, but I think about all the pot critics sitting around with Bloodies and ‘tinis tsk tsk-ing about the evil herb! Steve is right, we have to have faith in the intelligence of the public. If we really don’t, then outlaw liquor and all the ads that promote it! Let’s be consistent…

    Europeans are so adult about so many things… and we are stuck in some kind of adolescent fugue state! We could learn a lot from the world but there is a stubborn American thing that rejects good ideas… because we didn’t come up with them!


    PS- My Dutch friend Pieter just told me the they are not selling pot in Amsterdam cafes to foreigners… just to Dutch citizens. If this is accurate it demonstrates flexibility! A beautiful thing- flexibility!!


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