Recent Damage to Trevi Fountain a Sign of Much-needed Restoration

Seems there’s a good use for all those coins…   ©

Rome’s 250-year old Trevi Fountain is showing recent signs of aging. Over the weekend, pieces from the top of the fountain had fallen off. The pieces mark a terminal point of one of the aqueducts that once brought drinking water to the city. Barriers have been set up around the fountain, which is being monitored for additional disintegration.

Trevi fountain was last restored 20 years ago. Italy’s Greens Party believes that the fountain, along with other Roman monuments, are in dire need of restoration.

[the party] announced a campaign where residents can send e-mails to signal dangers to Rome’s cultural heritage. ”˜We think what is happening at the Trevi Fountain, one of the most recognized monuments in the world, is very grave,’ said Greens leader Angelo Bonelli.

More on the fountain’s fate can be seen at

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