V-MODA Vibrato In-Ear Headphones: Stunning Quality for the Traveling Audiophile

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V-MODA Vibrato In-Ear Headphones

We’ve been a fan of V-MODA for a while now because, when it comes to mobile audio products, they “know a thing or two about a thing or two”.

And their latest Vibrato in-ear headphones are a testament to just that. Unique die-casting metal technology makes for a slick, angular design not seen on lower end audio products. Zinc alloy construction guarantees a rock solid, well-built frame perfect for the daily beating that most travelers exact on their gear. Out of the box, four in-ear silicone headphone tips are available in varying sizes to ensure a secure, comfortable fit.

But what about the sound? The Vibrato headphones were specifically designed with the help of professional DJs and musicians to recreate the resonant feel of the live music experience. In V-MODA’s own words: “constructed with an 8mm dynamic HD neodymium driver, the Vibrato delivers vibrant bass, vivid mid-range, and vivacious highs. Featuring our BLISS noise isolating technology, you can reduce background noise and enable deep bass.” Indeed.

We absolutely love Vibrato and they’ve become our go-to pair of travel headphones. At around $125, they’re right in the sweet spot between cheap, big box store headphones and ludicrously overpriced buds that overpromise (but rarely deliver) “studio quality” sound.

Available now exclusively through local Apple retailers.

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3 Responses

  1. Matt

    Thanks for posting this, I’m constantly torn between traveling with my high-quality yet massive over-the-ear headphones and the conveniently compact yet shitty earbuds.

  2. David

    Are these noise cancelling? We’ve been testing out a nice pair of audio-technicas around the office that are in the same price range, but they have noise cancelling and sound really nice. I think it’s a pretty nice feature, especially for traveling. Thoughts?

  3. Bluegreen Kirk

    Im with Matt! I have high quality headphones but they are huge but the quality is just not usually the same from the little earbuds. These look cool but I would have to hear them.


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