Volgograd or Stalingrad? City Contemplates Name Change

Volgograd © zoetnet

Songwriters may have difficulty penning a ditty as catchy as “Istanbul, Not Constantinople” about this but, nevertheless, the name Stalingrad might exist once again. The Russian city was renamed Volgograd during the Cold War, but there is a movement afoot to hold a referendum on reverting to the name of Stalingrad.

The name was recently adopted for a single day as part of the events commemorating the anniversary of Battle of Stalingrad. Of course the proposal is controversial due to the atrocities committed by Josef Stalin during WWII, but advocates say that it is more about honouring the valour of those who fought in the battle for the city.

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  1. anastasia

    Well, I’m not sure that’s gonna happen. I mean renaming. It’s my home town by the way. Only people older than 70 and a few others want the city to be called stalingrad. I doubt that will be enough.


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