Can These Wacky Glasses Cure Jet Lag?

Imagine a world without jet lag where you can cross time zones with impunity. A device has been created that may enable you to do just that — as long as you don’t mind looking like the love child of Geordi Laforge and somebody from Tron.

Young man models Re-Timer device ©Retimer

The device, called Retimer, is worn on the head as you would wear sunglasses. The timed application of specific frequencies of light will reset your circadian rhythm, according to the researchers who invented Retimer.

In addition to arming travelers to conquer the world, this deployment of light (in a lively shade of green I am dubbing “Ectoplasm”) can also be of benefit to shift workers, insomniacs, and those who experience Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder.

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