What the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks is RSS?

Still not sure what all the hype is surrounding RSS? This is the best, most concise explanation for RSS I’ve come across via the always fun and informative Lee LeFever. If you’re not yet using an RSS “feed reader” (such as Google Reader or Bloglines) to browse the web, you’re missing out!

If you have TiVo, you can appreciate the analogy of watching TV pre-TiVo and watching it post-TiVo? Remember how boring your television world was before TiVo? Exploring the fun world of RSS readers is kind of like that.

Side note: As far as web-based feed readers go, I’ve tried Google Reader, Bloglines, and My Yahoo! and Google Reader wins out hands-down in my book. Check it out and sign up for free here.

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Mike Richard
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Mike Richard is a Rhode Island native, professional web designer and travel junkie with an unhealthy addiction to backpacking, hiking and seeing the world. He enjoys knit hats, small, declarative sentences and speaking in the third person. His other professional credits include "Woman's World magazine contributor" and having once been interviewed by Tyra Banks (seriously).

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  1. Steve

    I have like a million RSS subscriptions. I use Netvibes and I love it.

  2. Mike Richard

    Me too, Steve. I’ve been trying to prune my subscription list to get rid of the chaff, but it’s like breaking an addiction.

    I really need to check out Netvibes – I feel like I’m living in 2006 without it. I know all the cool kids are doing it.


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