Wilderness Collective Provides “Legendary Adventures for Men”

You’ll have to wear a uniform, you won’t be allowed to check your Blackberry, and at some point you may have to ride a donkey*.

*Full disclosure: the site says nothing about RIDING a donkey. But I like to think it’s implied… © WildernessCollective.com

From trekking in the Eastern Sierras to Motorcycle cross-country adventures, this Wilderness Collective promises “Legendary adventures for men” and does it’s best to appeal to the rugged man in … well, probably men who work in tiny cubicles just waiting to snowmobile on the Iditarod trail. However, the men who sign up to venture into the unknown agree to certain rules, and there appear to be no exceptions. There is even a uniform for some of the excursions, for which their argument is pretty good:

We didn’t want some of the experienced guys to show up with their amazing gear while the first-timers showed up in tennis shoes and a thrift store helmet.

Fair enough. Read more at WildernessCollective.com.

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