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Let’s say there was a zombie outbreak tomorrow. 90% of the world has been infected and they’ve got a rampant appetite for the remaining 10 — i.e. you! In an increasingly likely scenario, where in the world would be the best place to wait for an infestation of the walking dead to blow over?

Conventional wisdom is to escape heavily populated areas in favor of safe haven out in the sticks. Maybe, but we think you’re likely to find the most effective zombie-proof infrastructures within cities or popular tourist destinations.

Not that we’re paranoid or pessimistic in any way; but in case people around you start getting peckish, we’ve compiled a list of the most famous world landmarks in which to weather the coming zombie apocalypse.

#1: London Sewer System (England)

London Sewers
London Sewers ©

Not an obvious choice, you may think. But with the stuffy London streets likely to bear the initial brunt of an undead plague, you’ll be hard pushed to escape unscathed. The London sewer system, therefore, is a perfect hideaway.

Constructed by Victorian engineer, Joseph Bazalgette, in the 19th century, the system is a labyrinthine infrastructure of tunnels, pipes and hidden passageways. The system starts in the heart of London and is perfect for transporting food, weapons, televisions (if you were involved in last year’s riots) and other itinerary down to the tunnels. Once everyone’s down, the entrance can be boarded over.

The walking dead aren’t the sharpest tools in the box and will hopefully have no knowledge of London’s geography. They certainly won’t know that the system even exists, and the funky smell should cover up the odour of living flesh. Still not convinced? The sewers are tried and tested as effective hideouts and were the location for many gangs and criminal activities over the past 150 years.

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#2: Guia Fortress (China)

The Guia Fortress
The Guia Fortress © CB and GK

The Guia Fortress in Macau, China, is a 91-meter tall fort and lighthouse in one, with the added benefit of a built in chapel in case you feel the need to pray. It’s situated on Guia Hill overlooking the entire Macau peninsula, which is fortunately the highest location for miles and puts you in good stead over those braindead swine.

The fortress has many rooms to hide in, is a perfect lookout point and, if you switch all the lights off, puts you in the perfect position of being hard to see but able to see everything coming at you for miles. If, on the other hand, you have a knack for Morse code then the lighthouse will be useful for seeking help (assuming it still works).

Oh, and let’s not forget the cannon. If anyone in your pack can get the thing working again, it could prove extremely useful.

#3: Liberty Island (New York)

Grande Liberty
Grande Liberty, Liberty Island © Kenny Louie

The little island located off the harbour of New York would make for a great temporary hideaway. For starters, it’s totally uninhabited. Upon arrival, the only things you’re likely to fend off will be a few flesh-eating tourists — child’s play for the gung-ho members of your merry band.

It’s close enough to the city so you can obtain supplies, but, at the same time, its isolation ensures you won’t run the risk of future invasion. Similar to the Guia Fortress, there’s also a sweet sightseeing spot, in the form of the Statue of Liberty.

#4: Capitol Visitor Centre, Washington DC

Capitol Visitor Centre, Washington DC
Capitol Visitor Centre, Washington DC © Wikipedia

Welcome to the underground section to the United States Capitol building with a total area of 580,000 square feet on three floors. In the event of a zombie attack it would be an ideal hideout. This is all hypothetical of course, but the walking dead may expect civilians to flee from a place so obviously prone to attack and, therefore, will channel their efforts into hunting down those above ground — but then look how the finale of Day of the Dead panned out.

Either way, the underground location makes it safe from weapon attacks and has a high level security system; perfect for keeping the ghastly creatures out. The bottom floor of the visitor centre is completely off-limits to the public, and rumour has it that it’s been designed to withstand damn near any type of disaster. (This rumour has since been denied, meaning that it probably does exist)

#5: Fort Morgan (Alabama)

Fort Morgan Plan, Mobile Bay, Alabama
Fort Morgan Plan, Mobile Bay, Alabama © Wikimedia

Fort Morgan, located in Mobile Bay, Alabama, USA, was a replacement for a previous fort called Fort Bowyer. It was built to survive attacks from the British from land and sea and has withstood every battle since it was constructed in the early 19th century.

As you can imagine with any war base, it has several hideouts, underground bunkers and tunnels which allowed troops to freely move from one area to the other. Because it is on the coast, getting supplies from the sea would be relatively easy. Then, when the time is right, you can flee overseas to a nice tropical island somewhere; just like the finale of Day of the Dead (after the zombies have infiltrated the underground bunker).

#6: Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany)

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany © Wikipedia

It would be silly to compile this list without the inclusion of a castle and Germany’s Neuschwanstein Castle has to be the finest zombie-proof example in the world. Situated in rural Bavaria high up on a rugged hill, no zombie will ever find their way into this awe-inspiring 19th century complex, unless, of course, you decide to throw a massive party.

Like any good castle, the only access is through a drawbridge. Once your troupe is inside, simply close it up and laugh at the stupid zombie hordes as they fall to their doom like lemmings. There are too many advantages to note, but the sheer vastness of this Romanesque palace speaks for itself. The only downfall is that travelling outside for further supplies may be tricky.

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  1. Waegook Tom

    I’d go with the German castle. Don’t know if I could spend too much time in the sewers. And what IS on the bottom floor of the Capitol Building? Intriguing…….

  2. Arianwen

    Thank God there’s one in London! I can sleep comfortably in the knowledge that no zombie’s gonna get me! :)

  3. Zascha

    I’m convinced that I’d survive a zombie apocolypse – I’ve binge watched The Walking Dead several times now! :-D but I’d probably go with the castle in Germany


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