World’s Greatest Flower Festivals

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Tulips  ©michir

With the advent of spring comes the blooming season–and of course allergy season. Stretching from Holland to China, and with blooms from March to September,’s featured festivals are sure to please the traveling flower aficionado.

For travelers looking to bypass the throngs of tourists during Japan’s cherry blossom festival, the Nanhui peach blossoms in Shanghai are the perfect alternate. Blossoms appear between March and April, with fruit appearing in August (along with peach tastings).

Endless fields of fragrant lavender can be seen in Provence starting in June. The most breathtaking spots can be found along the Sault plateau and Valensole plateau–known for its famous lavender honey.

More details on all the festivals can be seen here.

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  1. Tabby

    Would love to visit the lavenders in France. Looks absolutely beautiful!

    I’ve also heard of the beauty of the Amsterdam flower festival though I haven’t had the chance to be there myself.


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