World’s Only Panda-Themed Hotel Set to Open

Pandas and penguins are about has high as it gets on the cuteness scale and a hotelier is hoping to tap into humankind’s affinity toward pandas with the world’s first, and only, panda-themed hotel. Panda Inn is set to open in China’s Sichuan province in May.

The hotel’s decor definitely puts the panda in “Panda Inn” with panda murals, sculptures, and plush animals everywhere. Press photos even depict hotel staff dressed in panda costumes in nearly every room of the hotel.

Perhaps your interests are more nuanced that strict panda-mania. In that case you can requst to stay in one of the many rooms that incorporate sub themes, such as dancing pandas, anime pandas, or a nice Sailor Moon-panda mash-up.

Find out more about this from The Telegraph

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