7 Worst Travel Fashion Sins

Socks with Sandals © Podknox

What happens to our fashion sense when we head out on vacation? Does it evaporate in the heat? Or maybe the recycled airplane oxygen messes with our taste levels. Why is it that when we go abroad things that most of us would never contemplate leaving our homes wearing suddenly become staples of our wardrobe?

CNNgo has compiled a humorous list of the 7 Worst Travel Fashion Sins. Have you committed a travel fashion faux pas by sporting any of garments on the list?

Read the list at CNNgo.com.

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  1. Matthew Derrick

    No offense, but I thought that article was a pretty boring fluff piece. I could guess most of the items on that list before reading it, but dreadlocks? Tattoos? It felt like something a CNN writer phoned in.


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