Y-cam HomeMonitor Security System: Free Unlimited Recording Viewable Live from Any Internet-Enabled Device [First Look]

Y-cam: HomeMonitor Indoor & Outdoor Wireless Home Security System

Security-conscious travelers can sleep well with the vast array of inexpensive, easy-to-install home security systems now available. The Y-cam HomeMonitor system claims to be the only wireless setup with free, unlimited recording viewable live from any Internet-enabled device – no monthly subscription required.

The feature list is quite lengthy with highlights including: all videos are stored in a cloud-based online account with 7 days of free storage; videos are viewable from any computer, tablet or smartphone (Apple & Android apps available); record videos & receive email notifications only when movement is detected, limiting Internet bandwidth consumption; indoor & outdoor compatible; and built-in professional infrared night vision lets you see up to 50 feet (15m) in complete darkness.

Setup is a simple matter of connecting the HomeMonitor to a home network and creating an online account – no software, router, PC or technical know-how is required.

Pricing & Availability

Available in Indoor ($199.99 USD) and Outdoor ($349.99) versions via y-cam.com.

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